Support Local Performance Art and Attend a Double Feature by the Second Thought Theatre

As the third offering in its 2019 season, Second Thought Theatre will present a double feature of the rarely produced Caryl Churchill plays, “Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?” and “Here We Go”.

Few authors have altered the landscape of modern theater with greater impact than Caryl Churchill. One of the greatest living playwrights in the world, Churchill has written more than 40 plays as well as for television, film, and radio during a career that has spanned more than six decades.

“Drunk Enough To Say I Love You?” is an examination of American identity through the characters of "GUY, a man" and his seducer, "SAM, a country." At a moment in history when America is wrestling with its own identity in violent and surprising ways, the torrid affair between Sam and Guy represent the dual face of America - the abusive yet irresistible - as Sam’s bloodlust becomes too much for Guy.

“Here We Go” is a meditation on that most universal of human experiences: death. First, we witness a group of acquaintances at a post-funeral reception, where we listen to them speak about the man who's just passed. This simple but powerful ode to ephemerality reminds us of the fleeting nature of our existence on earth and provides a possible glimpse of what might lie just beyond.

Tickets start at $25 and are available for purchase online at We hope that you join us for this highly-anticipated double feature!

To have an apartment home that you adore is what we strive to give you at Centerville Pointe Apartments in Garland, Texas. However, we encourage you to get out and explore the entertainment that can be found within our community!

Event Time/Date:
Monday, June 24, 2019—7:30 PM

Event Venue Location:
Bryant Hall
3636 Turtle Creek Boulevard
Dallas, Texas 75204

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