Eating Healthy on a Budget? These Items Should Be On Your Shopping List

Everyone wants to improve their health by improving their diet. Yet, trendy or upscale nutritional products are often more costly than most budgets allow. However, there is good news: many healthy, diet-friendly foods can be procured at your local grocer or market for less than $2 per serving.

If you’d like to commit to a healthier lifestyle without shelling out the big bucks for pricey supplements, smoothies, or detox juices, it’s easier than you might think. Simply add these highly nutritious, exceptionally priced items to your grocery shopping list and begin enjoying better health today.

Healthy Food Shopping List:

• Brown rice
• Whole-wheat or multigrain pasta
• 100% whole-wheat bread
• Nonfat greek yogurt
• Old-fashioned oats
• Frozen vegetables
• Sweet potatoes
• Fresh bagged spinach
• Canned tuna
• Canned or jarred marinara sauce
• Whole wheat pita bread
• Store-brand egg substitute
• Frozen edamame
• Dried lentil beans

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